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The Chicago Area’s First Exhibition of the Artifacts of House Music Pioneers at Northwestern University

June 18th – July 2nd, 2014

Dittmar Memorial Gallery,

1999 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL.


The Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation, Northwestern University and Dittmar Memorial Gallery welcome all to attend:

And The Beat Goes On: The Evolution of House Music in Chicago, a two week exhibition and panel series.  The exhibition will display historic artifacts of Chicago’s House Music pioneers. The first opening panel will feature scholar’s discussion the significance of House Music to African American Music and examine the evolution of Dance Music from House to EDM, and the second opening panel will explore the contribution of Northwestern University radio station WNUR to the spread of House Music internationally. The first closing panel discussion will feature prominent patrons/dancers from Chicago’s club scene, 1978-present, and the second closing panel will feature DJ/Producers from Chicago’s iconic Red Dog nightclub.  The Exhibition and programming will be held at Northwestern University, Dittmar Memorial Gallery, 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL.


This exhibition and panel series will bring together students, intellectuals and “house heads” to participate in discussions about Chicago’s dance scene and the spread of Chicago’s House Music to all parts of the globe.  The panel series is a critical examination of the evolution of Dance Music by scholars Dr. Mark Butler (Northwestern University), Charles Matlock, JD (Columbia College Chicago), Dr. Alex Weheliye (Northwestern University) and scholar/dance teaching artist Dr. Meida McNeal.  The exhibition will present historical artifacts of pioneers, including Robert Williams (owner of the Warehouse, the club that House music was named after), Greg Gray, (DJ/Producer/Powerplant staff) and one of Chicago’s earliest female DJs, Lori Branch.

And the Beat Goes On’s combination of artifacts, scholars and industry pioneers will be one the most unique and comprehensive conferences on House Music in Chicago’s history!


The Modern Dance Music Research and Archive Foundation (the Foundation), based in Chicago, documents and preserves Dance Music artifacts, and creates scholarship around Dance Music and highlights its significance and global impact. The Foundation educates the public and encourages study of this art form and its effects on popular culture. The Foundation can be found at  Twitter @DanceMusicFound and Facebook Detailed exhibit Information can be found at


The Foundation is pleased to announce its partnership with the Shorefront Legacy Center,, which houses the Foundation’s Archives in Evanston, IL. Established in 2002, Shorefront collects, preserves and educates people about Black history on Chicago’s suburban North Shore.

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