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Advisory Board of the Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation

  1. Robert Williams
    Pioneer underground club owner


  2. Celeste Alexander
    Pioneer DJ


  3. Lori Branch
    Pioneer DJ


  4. Mary Datcher
    Music industry professional


  5. Lee Farmer
    Music industry professional/DJ


  6. Leroy Burgess
    Legendary singer/songwriter


  7. Irwin “Chip E” Eberhart
    Pioneer House Music Producer/DJ


  8. Gene Hunt
    Pioneer House Music DJ/Producer


  9. Eric “E-Smoove” Miller
    Two time Grammy nominated Producer/DJ


  10. Jere McAllister
    Pioneer House Music Producer/DJ


  11. Maurice Joshua
    Grammy winning producer/DJ


  12. Dr. Meida McNeil
    PhD. Performance Studies,
    Northwestern Univ.


  13. Dr. David Stovall
    PhD. Ed. Policy Studies,
    U of I Champaign- Urbana


  14. Donna McGhee
    Legendary singer/songwriter


  15. Steve DeJoie
    Legendary club owner


  16. Roy Davis Jr.
    International DJ/Producer


  17. Craig Loftis
    International DJ/Producer

  18. Michael Luster
    JD/LLM (Taxation),
    Georgetown Law Center


  19. Byron Stingily
    Pioneer singer/songwriter


  20. Benjamin Wright
    Grammy winning composer/arranger


  21. Patrick Adams
    Legendary songwriter/producer


  22. Freddie Bain
    Legendary DJ/dance music writer


  23. Hank Lott
    Executive Director,
    Urban Sports Foundation


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