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The Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation is in possession of over 4,000 hours of historic recordings which are in need of digitizing (transfer from analog cassette tapes and reel-to-reel tapes to high quality digital storage and compact discs for preservation) and storage in their original form in a temperature controlled, dust free, low moisture environment.  Also contained within this collection are videotaped interviews and event footage and pieces of original artwork, memorabilia, and artifacts, including but not limited to pluggers/advertisements/flyers, banners, prints of artwork, historic pieces of professional sound equipment, etc.


The historic recordings which we seek to preserve and digitize were recorded at nightclubs all over the world, including but not limited to the following cities/countries: Chicago, New York City, Detroit, London, the UK, Ibiza and Japan.  These recordings date back to 1970 and show the evolution of dance music.


The Archive researches and documents the history of events and nightclubs which include, but are not limited to:


The Continental Baths (New York City circa 1968-1975),

The Sanctuary (New York City circa 1969-1972),

The Loft (New York City circa 1970-1990),

Better Days (New York City circa 1972-1988),

The Gallery (New York City circa 1972-1977),

Le Jardin (New York City circa 1973-1976),

Buttermilk Bottom (New York City circa 1976-1980),

Den One (Chicago circa 1976-1978),

The Ritz (Chicago circa 1977-1980),

Studio 54 (New York City circa 1977-1980),

The Warehouse (Chicago circa 1977-1982),

The Paradise Garage (New York City circa 1977-1987),

Sauer’s (Chicago circa 1978-1985),

Ding  Bats (Chicago circa 1978-1982),

Zanzibar (New Jersey circa 1979-1985),

The Loft (Chicago circa 1979-1983),

The Funhouse (New York City circa 1979- ),

Club 161 (Chicago circa 1979-1984),

The Limelight (New York City circa 1980-1984),

Waterworks (Chicago circa 1981-1983),

Carroll’s Speakeasy (Chicago circa 1981-1985),

The Choice (New York City circa 1981-1982),

 The Penthouse (Chicago circa 1981-1983),

The Powerplant (Chicago circa 1982-1986),

Medusa’s (Chicago circa 1982-1988),

The R2 Underground (Chicago circa 1982-1983),

The Music Box (Chicago circa 1983-1987),

The Playground (Chicago circa 1983-1984),

The Candy Store (Chicago circa 1984-1985),

The Palladium (New York City circa 1985-1997),

The Roxy (New York City circa 1985-2007),

C.O.D.’s (Chicago circa 1986-1987),

The World (New York City circa 1986-1991),

The Gallery (Chicago circa 1987),

79 Steps (Chicago circa 1987—1988),

AKA’s (Chicago circa 1987-1988),

Coconuts (Chicago circa 1987-1988),

The Music Institute (Detroit circa 1988-1991),

The Edge of the Lookingglass (Chicago circa 1989-1990),

Sound Factory Bar (New York City circa 1989-1995),

Save the Robots (New York City circa 1990-1991),

Shelter (New York City circa 1990- ),

Shelter (Chicago circa 1990-1998),

Cairo (Chicago circa 1990-1995),

Motor Lounge (Detroit circa 1996),

et. al.


Special thanks to the, Robert Williams, Craig Loftis, Kevin Abdulla, DJ Pap, Hans Chery, Charles “Butch Cassidy” Rodgers, Diane, Ronda Flowers-Gibson, and Mary Hughes-Wiggs, et. al.



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