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Mid-90’s House/Dance Music


This period saw electronic music fans move away from alcohol-focused clubs and into illegal, drug-infused raves and festivals. These venues played house music as well as its more synthesized cousins, trance and techno. A growing secondhand market for turntables and electronic instruments contributed to the rise of the bedroom DJ/producer. This new breed of artist created music according to his own whims rather than those of record labels. As a result, the electronic dance music scene became more democratized than ever before.


Major labels returned and began to again give support to House Music.  Several pop artists such as Janet Jackson and Toni Braxton commissioned House Music mixes of their pop songs.  David Morales helped cement Jameriqui’s career as a dance music icon with Morales mix of “The Return of the Space Cowboy”.  Disco samples began to occupy a larger share of the songs in the marketplace.


Links to songs which are examples of music from this period include:


I get lifted – Barbra Tucker -

Return of the Space Cowboy – David Morales’ Classic Mix -

Everybody Be Somebody – Ruffneck feat Yavahn -

The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind) – The Bucketheads -





Late 1990’s / Early 2000’s House / Dance Music


In the late 1990’s French House Music group Daft Punk released their first album and it took the world by storm.  Other French house artists like Thomas Bangalter and Alan Braxe had infused filtered disco loops into their brand of House Music.  Meanwhile, in America, electronic music crept further into the mainstream, with tracks like Benny Benassi's 'Satisfaction' becoming huge radio hits.  Increases in computer technology meant that bedroom DJ setups could now be composed of nearly exclusively digital components.


The island of Ibiza now offers 24 hour partying at multiple venues.  Clubs with premium sound systems bring in DJ’s from all over the world.  Large festivals featuring House Music make it even more mainstream.  Junior Vasquez delivers 8 hour sets of Hard/Tech House and tours with his entourage.  The era of the shirtless, sweating DJ as a diva is in full swing. 


By the late-nineties, EDM was being recognized by mainstream producers, critics, and listeners.  Even MTV began to play artists like The Prodigy, the Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim on shows like Amp and The Grind, lumping them under the 'electronica' label.  However, most producers still had to travel abroad to places like Ibiza to achieve financial success.


Links to songs which are examples of music from this period include:


Found a Cure – Ultra Nate -

Music Sounds Better with You – Stardust -

Sing It Back – Moloko -

Don’t Call Me Baby – Madison Avenue -

Get the Party Started – Pink -

Wish I Didn’t Miss You – Angie Stone -

Days Go By – Dirty Vegas -

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