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Dance Music's Evolution



Early 1970’s Soul


This period characterizes the birth of modern dance music.  James Brown, Manu Dibango, Diana Ross, the Jackson 5 and other Motown artists, the Temptations, Al Green, as well as MFSB were some of the major artists from this period. 



Mid 1970’s Club Disco


This period represents the young years of modern dance music.  



Mid 1970’s Radio/Popular Disco


This period represents a cultural swing as modern dance music became accepted by mainstream audiences and radio stations and major record labels and distributors supported the genre. 



Late 1970’s/early 1980’s Electronica Radio/Popular Disco


This period in dance music was characterized often by an emerging electronic sound that would pave the way for the next shift in modern dance music history and lay the groundwork for the new modern age in dance music and in general popular music.  



Late 1970’s / Early 1980’s Electronica / Club Disco / Euro Disco / Mutant Disco


Like the popular radio dance music songs from this period, the Club songs from this period were also largely comprised of synthesized electronic sounds.  



Early 80’s Post Disco / House Music


This period in the history of modern dance music was dominated by Chicago artists who began buying drum machines and synthesizers and making their own music in home built studios.  It was the next step in the evolution of modern dance music.  



Late 80’s / Early 1990’s House Music


During this period, America’s House Music DJ’s and producers began to tour overseas.  



Mid-90’s House / Dance Music


This period saw electronic music fans move away from alcohol-focused clubs and into illegal, drug-infused raves and festivals. 



Late 1990’s / Early 2000’s House / Dance Music


In the late 1990’s French House Music group Daft Punk released their first album and it took the world by storm.  



Mid 2000’s House/Electronic Dance Music (EDM)


The mid 2000s saw the rise in computer technology accelerate, accompanied by the rise of the laptop producer.  



Early 2010’s-Mid 2010’s House/Electronic Dance Music (EDM)


By the early-2010s, the EDM scene had exploded.  





Additional information will be added soon including additional listings of artists, labels, songs, DJ’s, genres, events, venues and contributors which provide examples of the evolution of modern dance music.  All forms of modern dance music will be included in the Modern Dance Music Research and Archiving Foundation’s timeline of events in the evolution of modern dance music.

Due to copyright constraints, the Foundation is currently unable to provide artist’s copyrighted music on this website.  Your donations can make these copyright licenses with the publishers and copyright owners possible. Please see our “Donations” page.

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